angel wings tattoo

Angel Wings Temporary Tattoos

Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings – but you don’t have to sit through It’s A Wonderful Life again to take delivery of your angel wings temporary tattoo.

Check out our angel temporary tattoos and work out if you’d like to have that design on your back.

Our beautifully designed angel wing temporary tattoo could be just the thing for you.

Like all our temporary tattoos, the angel wings temporary tattoo is delivered in A4 size. Talk to us if you want it larger – but be aware a bigger symbol will have to be delivered in sections and it will be tricky to apply.



How easy are your angel wings temporary tattoos to apply?

Well, if you’re going to site them on your back, you’ll need a friend to help! But the application process could hardly be easier. Just cut your design out from the sheet we send you and apply it using a damp cloth – then remove the backing sheet. It really is as simple as that.

How long does an angel wing temporary tattoo last?

Your symbols should be in place for between three and ten days. How long depends on things like your skin type; if you have more acidic or oily skin, your design might last less long.

Are your angel temporary tattoos safe?

Most definitely. All we ask is that you don’t try to place them on broken or sensitive skin. In the incredibly unlikely event that you get any redness, irritation or tingling once you put your temporary tattoo on, you should try to remove it.

Where on the body should I put my tattoos?

Well, technically you can put them anywhere you like – though close to the eyes and mouth isn’t a terribly good idea. But we’d be very surprised if you wanted to put an angel wing temporary tattoo anywhere but on your back.

Do you ship angel wings temporary tattoos to the country where I live?

You can be sure that we do. We have a global network, which means we can send your tattoo to you, wherever you live in the world.

Is it OK to exercise and take showers?

Yes it is. Our tattoos are waterproof. But much depends on the sort of exercise you are planning to do. If you’re up for a seriously heavy workout which raises your body temperature and causes you to sweat a lot, that means your tattoo may not last as long as if you just sat still.


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