Wholesale Temporary Tattoos

At Tattooed Now!, we are proud to have a customer base that spans the globe and features all sorts of clients.

The range of people who want to buy our tattoos is as diverse as our selection of designs – and that includes retailers who want to add our amazing creations to the choice they offer customers.

How to source wholesale temporary tattoos from us

If you are a retailer, talk to us about our provision of wholesale temporary tattoos.
Whether you run a shop, a make-up business or a pop-up outlet, if your product range includes tattoos, you can add a dash of Tattooed Now! creativity to your shelves.We offer an automatic 40 per cent discount to retailers who buy wholesale temporary tattoos. All you have to do is share your credentials that prove you really are a business.

Check out our extensive range of temporary tattoos

When you make a wholesale purchase from Tattooed Now!, you gain access to all the experience and ingenuity that makes us a go-to supplier of temporary tattoos to the film and TV industry.

Our temporary tattoos have been worn by TV legends and Hollywood movie stars – now you can give your customers the chance to wear them too. Our designs are hand-created and our focus is always on quality.

Contact us to order wholesale temporary tattoos

We supply wholesale temporary tattoos to outlets across the world. For more information about our wholesale prices please contact us at tattooednow@gmail.com and you’ll be taking the first step towards bringing a new, fun and affordable product to your retail outlet.