Bulk Temporary Tattoos

You may have a reason for ordering a large number of tattoos for a special occasion.

  • Maybe you want everyone at your wedding or birthday party to wear a design to mark the occasion.
  • You might be planning a large company event where you can increase the sense of unity within your team by encouraging all its members to sport a tattoo for the occasion.
  • You could be launching a product and want to use numerous tattoos as part of the publicity campaign. You could even give them away to your guests and clients to help them to remember your brand, and the services it provides.

Whatever the reason, if you need more than 100 of one of our tattoos supplied, we can deliver a bulk temporary tattoos order.

We can do this for two types of temporary tattoos. You may find one of the tattoos from our extensive range that you want everybody to wear. Alternatively, you can come up with a design of your own that we can then create to fulfil a batch of bulk temporary tattoos.

Our ability to create stunning temporary tattoos is one of the reasons why Tattooed Now! is the go-to supplier for such designs in the modern film and TV industry.

All of our designs are original, and created by our amazing in-house team of talented artists.

Temporary tattoos make for an outstanding, eye-catching and memorable way to lift your occasion out of the ordinary. And, by placing a bulk order of more than 100, there are savings to be made. Talk to us about the discount we can offer clients that order from our range of temporary tattoos in bulk.

We’re always happy to discuss your requirements, and we look forward to creating bulk temporary tattoos that really work for you and make your special occasion go with a real swing. The best way to begin our conversation is to contact us now at sales@tattoednow.com.