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Worn by Hollywood Movie Stars
Unparalleled Realistic Look
Made by Professional Make-Up Artists
Easy to Apply & Remove

Change is Good

FOREVER can be a scary word.... it seems so final, right? So, rather than getting a real FOREVER tattoo, try our great collection of TattoedNow temporary tattoos that look exactly like the real deal, but can be removed at any time and last up to seven days.

Great for those who like to have fun, experiment and embrace change. Also, great for commitment-phobes who can't make their mind up (and why should you?).

Full body transformation on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan "tattooed" more than 50 names as part of World Food Programme campaign.

Simply the Best

We are the only realistic temporary tattoo brand on the market! Other brands merely offer tattoo stickers, which may leave you disappointed. On the other hand our temporary tattoos are so realistic, they have been known to fool friends and cause upset among parents, which is exactly the reaction we are aiming for.

Our tattoos have been hand-drawn, slightly out of focus, designed by skilled tattoo artists and designers so that once applied, it looks like the ink is under the skin, just like a real tattoo.

simply the best
Realistic tattoo made for a prisoner character.
Only one from the top three tattoos is our "tattoo".
Highly realistic and detailed tattoo that  was made to cover the whole back. It was inspired by famous Chicano tattoo style and tough chola girls.

Custom Designs

Aside from our extensive collection available from our website, we also create custom made tattoos.

If you can think it, we can ink it... Click here to find out more:

Need a tattoo for a movie, photo shoot, project or just yourself?
Our designers can help turn your ideas into beautiful tattoos.
Almost anything that can be printed on the paper can be also made into a temporary tattoo. Got any ideas?

As seen on screen

If you see a tattoo in a film, it's likely to be one created by TattooedNow. From Orlando Bloom in Unlocked to some of the characters in Game of Thrones, we are the main provider of bespoke tattoo art for high profile films.

See all celebrities that wear TattooedNow! tattoos

As seen on
Orland Bloom looking tough and wearing TattooedNow! tattoos in "Unlocked" with Noomi Rapace.
Tattoos made for Utah, character played by a handsome Luke Bracey in the remake of the "Point Break".