Can You Apply Temporary Tattoos on Top of Make-Up?

Can You Apply Temporary Tattoos on Top of Make-Up?

When you buy a temporary tattoo from Tattooed Now!, you want it to look as good as possible – for as long as possible. We’re confident that the quality of our creativity and workmanship will ensure that you’ll be proud of your temporary tattoo for as long as it lasts.

So it’s important that when you place it on your skin, you do it in a way that works towards presenting it in its best possible light.
But what if you have already applied make-up to that area? This is one of the questions we are asked most often – does having make-up on your skin make a difference?

Can You Put Temporary Tattoos Over Make-Up?

Our answer to this question is always the same. Your skin should be as clean and dry as possible. As well as washing with soap and water, you should ideally treat the area where you want your tattoo with pure alcohol to ensure it is as clean as it can be.

If you still have any make-up on your skin, it is likely that it will be oil based. And that creates a layer between the surface of your skin and your tattoo.
In those circumstances, your tattoo simply will not stay on as effectively as you want it to. When you apply a temporary tattoo to skin that has already been treated with make-up, you can expect it to come off quickly.

We want you to be as happy as possible with your Tattooed Now! product, so please make sure you have cleaned away all traces of make-up before you put on your tattoo.

Using Make-Up After You Put on Your Temporary Tattoo

There is absolutely nothing to stop you applying make-up once your tattoo is in place and looking fantastic.

However, if you are planning to put make-up on the same area, we suggest you seal your tattoo first with our Matt Sealer. This will protect your tattoo and ensure that, if you do use make-up in the same place, it won’t affect how good your tattoo looks and how long it lasts.

If you do put make-up over your new tattoo, please use it sparingly. Applying too much could make the design less sharp and clear.

Our strong recommendation is that you do not apply a tattoo to an area of your skin that already has make-up on it. But if you put make-up on after the tattoo, by doing it right you could help the look of your tattoo.

You can find more advice about making your tattoo more realistic elsewhere on our website. Bear it in mind while you are choosing from our fantastic range of collections and designs that have built a stellar reputation for Tattooed Now!

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