Avoiding Tattoo Regret: How to Test Your Tattoo Before Getting Inked

Avoiding Tattoo Regret: How to Test Your Tattoo Before Getting Inked

One of our favourite phrases at TattooedNow! is: “If you can think it, we can ink it.” It’s incredibly important to us that our potential clients know that we offer a service providing customised temporary tattoos.

Look through our collections, and you’ll find an amazing selection of temporary tattoos that you can order. But it really does not stop there.

If you have your own design that you would like to see made into a temporary tattoo, get in touch and tell us all about it – we can create it for you. We can take that concept from your head and turn it into actual ink, in the form of a design that you can wear and proudly show the world.

The same flexibility and versatility applies to the temporary tattoos within our range. If you see a design that is almost perfect for you, but you want to make some adaptations to it, we can help you out.

Our expert team are able to change the colour and the size of the tattoo to ensure you take delivery of a design that is ideal for you.

There are three main considerations that you should bear in mind when considering getting a temporary tattoo. Do the tattoo test:

  1. The location: By using temporary tattoos from TattooedNow! you can see how our artwork looks on more than one part of your body. Maybe you can run a tattoo test on one arm, then the other.
  2. The design: Our range includes a host of fabulous designs. They are created to look terrific on your skin. But only by applying one can you be 100 per cent sure you’ve picked the right option.
  3. The colour: As you see when you browse the TattooedNow! website, colour is an important consideration when getting any tattoo. You can have a host of bright colours – you can even have different shades of black! – but will they suit your skin tone and your hair colour?

Of course, you want to be sure that the temporary tattoo you commission from TattooedNow! is perfect for you – regardless of your reasons for wanting one.

However, you may also be considering a permanent tattoo based on one of your own designs. If this is the case, it’s a great idea to go through the process of a tattoo test before having your final version applied for good.

Your first step in the whole process is to take a look through our temporary tattoo collections. It may inspire you to come up with a design of your own… and don’t forget, if you can think it, we can ink it!

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