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By order of the Peaky Blinders… Get your official TV series tattoos only through TattooedNow!

We have great news for fans of Peaky Blinders. TattooedNow! has the exclusive rights to distribute the tattoos worn by characters in the hugely popular TV series.

Peaky Blinders has amassed a large and devoted following over its first five seasons. Set in the gritty Birmingham underworld in the years immediately following the First World War, it follows the fortunes of the violent, ruthless gang of the same name.

At the heart of the Peaky Blinders is the charismatic and cunning Tommy Shelby, who along with his close family leads the gang’s attempts to control organised crime in the city and beyond. 

The series is very loosely based on the exploits of a gang of the same name who operated in Birmingham during the Edwardian era. Their name supposedly came from the habit of sewing razor blades into their trademark flat caps, so that anyone butted by a gang member ran the risk of being blinded – though this version of history is disputed.  

Several of the lead characters in the series sport memorable and striking tattoos, which were created for the show by the supremely talented Loz Schiavo, make-up and hair designer for Peaky Blinders. 

Now, for the first time, you can emulate your favourite characters by ordering official Peaky Blinders tattoos exclusively from TattooedNow!

We are the sole distributor for these temporary tattoos, which are extremely simple to apply and will last for between two and seven days, depending on your skin type and level of activity.

During production, Loz would come up with the creative ideas for the designs and TattooedNow! delivered the finished articles to the set. Such is the excellence of Loz’s ideas and our design work that the actors – always with an eye for quality and authenticity – were delighted to wear the highly realistic tattoos. 

Our extensive range includes the four tattoos worn by Tommy Shelby. As well as all the tattoos you will have seen on the screen, we have also produced extra images in the style of the series.

They include a racehorse, a horseshoe, razor blades, boxing gloves and guns – all of them carrying strong thematic echoes of the world of the Peaky Blinders. 

Peaky Blinders may be fictional, albeit extremely vividly created and brought to life on the small screen. But the designs now available from TattooedNow! look truly authentic.

One of the reasons for Peaky Blinders’s huge impact is the quality of its ensemble cast. Devoted fans have a wide choice of characters to follow – now you have a similarly broad selection of tattoos to choose from. 

Check out the full range and make your decision now!

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