How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

You can order a temporary tattoo from us for many reasons. You may be attending a party, or a special business occasion – or you may just be curious to see how it looks.

By definition, though, a temporary tattoo will not last for ever – you should get to enjoy it for between two and seven days. But once it begins to wear away you should take it off completely, which is when you need to know how to remove temporary tattoos.

Our top tip when it comes to removing temporary tattoos is pure alcohol. Dab some on to a ball of cotton wool, then rub your tattoo gently and it should come away easily.

If you don’t have any pure alcohol, try baby oil – or, indeed any type of oil. Apply the oil directly to the tattoo, leave it for about a minute, then rub the area with a damp flannel or piece of kitchen towel.

Our tattoos are fully waterproof, so water alone won’t do the job. Although you should wash any area from which you’ve removed a tattoo with soap and water once you’re done.

Sometimes, people wondering how to get temporary tattoos off will use sticky tape. We really don’t advise this; it’s far too harsh and will remove the top layer of your skin and leave you feeling sore. Anyway, our tattoos are so robust that sticky tape isn’t an effective way of removing one!

Be really gentle if you’re removing temporary tattoos from your face. Use a ball of cotton wool soaked in make-up remover and rub the tattoo – gently – until it comes away. Then wash your face with warm water and soap and dab it dry.

Once you know how to remove temporary tattoos, and whatever method you use, make sure you take into account how sensitive your own skin is. Baby oil and make-up remover are the gentlest methods, and cold cream does a good job too – though you need to leave cold cream spread across the tattoo for 10-15 minutes before wiping it off.

Bear in mind that children have particularly sensitive skin, so make sure you use one of the gentler methods when removing their temporary tattoos.

What happens if your temporary tattoo won’t come off? The most important thing is not to worry – it’s a temporary tattoo, it definitely will not be with you for ever.

The best solution for removing temporary tattoos is definitely pure alcohol, closely followed by any type of oil. Whatever happens, be gentle with your skin – the process of removing your ink should not be painful, and should take no more than a couple of minutes.
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