Inspired By a Tattoo in a Film? Talk to Tattooed Now!

Inspired By a Tattoo in a Film? Talk to Tattooed Now!

How many times have you watched a character in a film and thought, “I want to look like them”? You may be inspired by their clothes, their hair – or even their tattoos!

If it’s a film star’s ink that makes you think, you should come and talk to us at Tattooed Now! Not only do we have an enormous range of tattoos, we can create customised designs to suit your tastes.

It helps that we have an incredible amount of experience in creating tattoos for famous movies and TV series. The extensive list of productions that have been helped by our work includes Game of Thrones, The Matrix Resurrections, Peaky Blinders, Avengers Age of Ultron, Vikings and Chernobyl.

Although we are not licensed to create exact official replicas of film characters’ tattoos from certain franchises, if you bring us an idea we can design a tattoo inspired by that production. If you have some Star Wars tattoo ideas, for instance, it is worth talking to us – not least because we have a strong connection with events in a galaxy far, far away.

Daniel Parker, the co-founder of Tattooed Now!, was recruited as a teenager to work on the Ewoks for The Return of the Jedi, the third movie of the Star Wars series. Back in 1983, with no such thing as CGI, Daniel had to find a way to animate the Ewok heads that made them look as realistic as possible.

“I had no training other than what I’d learned myself through messing about with make-up and special effects,” says Daniel. “We got drawings from George Lucas showing us what these Ewoks should look like. It was my task to build the heads and it was a full-on job – in fact, I used to sleep under my workbench.

“The Ewok heads were mechanical and we didn’t have radio control back then, so all the mechanics were controlled by the actor inside the head.

“They had to push toggles with their tongue or use their jaw and in some cases, there were wires going down to their hands, so they could control parts of the face via a system of cables. It was so much more complicated than it is these days when you can do all of this using computers. It was quite a challenge and I don’t think I fully appreciated where I was and what I was doing. I was just a kid having fun.”

That kid went on to enjoy a long and illustrious career in the entertainment industry. He has become the go-to person whenever fake tattoos are needed, as the above list of stellar productions shows. Check out our TV and Film selection to find out more.

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