Trick Your Eyes: Tips For Making Temporary Tattoos Look More Realistic

Trick Your Eyes: Tips For Making Temporary Tattoos Look More Realistic

You’ve decided to invest in a temporary tattoo. You’ve chosen one of the many designs available at Tattooed Now! – or maybe you’ve come up with one of your own that we can create for you. You’re all set.

Now you may be wondering how to make the biggest impression on your friends, family, colleagues and anybody else who sees your temporary tattoo. You want your design to look as much like a permanent tattoo as possible. How can you do that?

There are two main steps you can take when you are wondering how to make temporary tattoos look real.

1/ Use our Matt Sealer or Mattifying Gel

You can find two products here at Tattooed Now! that will elevate the look of your new temporary tattoo and make it look incredibly realistic.

f you are wearing your tattoo for a one-off occasion, maybe a party or business event, and it has to look its very best for 24 hours or so, we suggest using our Mattifying Gel. We include a free sachet with every order.

By applying this to your new tattoo, you can remove any excess shine – as a result, your tattoo will look as if it’s built to last.

If your temporary tattoo is intended for the long haul, however, and you want to keep that realistic look for up to seven days, your best option is to invest in our Matt Sealer. This is a product used by professional make-up artists to protect and enhance tattoos, and you can get more details here.

You should also make sure you prepare the area where you’re placing your tattoo. Make sure any excess hair has been removed, you’ve taken away any residue of make-up, and the skin is clean and dry. Preparation is key when you want to know how to make temporary tattoos look real, and last as long as possible, which brings us on to…

2/ Place your temporary tattoo in a convincing location

There are certain parts of your body where the people you meet might expect to see a tattoo – and, as a result, they are more likely to believe it’s the real thing when you show off your new ink.

Should you decide to place your temporary tattoo on your arm or chest, it will look more realistic than a less traditional location – such as your face.
If you really want to persuade people that you have very recently had a permanent tattoo done, dab a small amount of red lipstick around the border of your design. That will recreate the redness you usually see around a new permanent tattoo.

Of course, the high quality of the tattoos we design and deliver at Tattooed Now! goes a long way to help convince people that you are wearing a permanent creation. Wherever you decide to put one of our tattoos, it will look more realistic than a lower quality product.

Start checking out our ranges and collections now to see which might suit you – as you will soon see, we have an incredible range of superb designs to choose from.

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