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TATTS US: TattooedNow! is the creative force behind Hollywood actors with temporary tattoos

Actors are, by definition, creative people. They’re willing to go that extra mile to deliver a performance of power and authenticity.

So the advent of temporary tattoos as good as those delivered by TattooedNow! has been a huge boost for personalities looking to make their creations as believable as possible.

Over the last decade, TattooedNow! has established itself as the go-to resource for film-makers who need top-quality temporary tattoos that combine fantastic design work with amazing authenticity.

So, when you see Hollywood actors with temporary tattoos, there’s a very good chance that we were involved in creating the design they’re wearing. 

There are two factors that set our work apart. The first is our ability to deliver our own artwork or the creations of the make-up designer working on the film.

The second is authenticity. It’s essential that our temporary tattoos look absolutely like the real thing. Actors will not wear a design that looks anything less than 100 per cent authentic.

We can point to numerous examples of our work that have featured in big Hollywood movies, as well as the many TV shows we have worked on.

The first film on which the TattooedNow! team worked together was the 2011 production of Coriolanus, William Shakespeare’s tragedy of the same name that is set in Ancient Rome.

In the hands of Ralph Fiennes, making his directorial debut, Coriolanus is delivered in contemporary costume and features extremely realistic scenes of modern conflict.

The film boasts a stellar cast that, alongside Fiennes in the title role, features Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox.

Many of the leading characters in the show, and numerous extras, required tattoos and we were only too happy to supply them.

Another example of a leading actor, a household name, who wore our tattoos is Orlando Bloom. Bloom, known for his roles in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Kingdom Of Heaven, stars with Noomi Rapace in the 2017 action thriller Unlocked.

Bloom plays Jack Alcott, a petty criminal and former soldier who sports spectacular tattoos on his chest and neck.

We also worked with Salma Hayek on the 2014 thriller Everly. We supplied the ornate tattoo that covers the whole of her back in the opening scene of the movie.

That scene sets the tone for 92 minutes of mayhem as Hayek’s character Everly goes head to head with a Japanese criminal overlord.

There are many other examples of famous Hollywood actors whose performances have been enhanced by the work we have done to create fabulous tattoos for the screen.

In the coming months we’ll tell you more stories about some of the movies we have worked on and the work we’ve done to make the characters in them as intriguing and realistic as possible.


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