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Temporary Religious Tattoos

Few things are as personal as your religious beliefs. So when you want to make a statement of how your God matters to you, we have a selection of temporary religious tattoos that are perfect for you.

Ever since we produced a set of temporary Christian tattoos for the movie Coriolanus, our collection of realistic religious tattoos has grown steadily.

We now offer a range of beautiful Christian images and icons, including crosses, angels and rosaries.

You’ll also find temporary religious tattoos that show respect to other religions, including several Hindu deities.



How easy are your temporary religious tattoos to apply?

It’s really easy. Just cut out your chosen design from the sheet we send you. To apply it to your skin, use a damp cloth and take great care to make sure it’s in place before removing the backing sheet. If you need any more detailed instructions, click here.

How long do your religious temporary tattoos last?

Your tattoos should stay in place for between three and ten days. It’s impossible to be more exact than that because it depends on so many things. Your skin type, for instance – if it’s more acidic or oily, that will affect the ability of your tattoo to stay put. So does the location; if you place your tattoo somewhere with less friction, it will last longer.

Are your realistic religious tattoos safe?

Yes, they are. However, you shouldn’t place them on broken or sensitive skin. And we really don’t think they should go too close to your eyes and mouth! In the unlikely event that you do feel any tingling or notice any redness after you apply your tattoo, please remove it.

Where on the body should I put my religious tattoos?

That really depends on you. How visible do you want your temporary religious tattoos to be? You may want to make a statement to the world. Alternatively, you might prefer to have them in a more personal place where fewer people can see them.

Do you ship temporary religious tattoos to the country where I live?

Yes, we do. Our global network means our tattoos can be distributed anywhere in the world.

Is it OK to exercise and take showers?

Yes it is, but a lot depends on the sort of exercise you are planning to do. If you’re going for a heavy work-out which raises your body temperature and makes you sweat a lot, your tattoo may not last as long. But you can take showers – our tattoos are waterproof.

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