Hack Your Tattoo: Make Your Temporary Ink Last Longer

Hack Your Tattoo: Make Your Temporary Ink Last Longer

Once you’ve applied one of our temporary tattoos, you may want to keep it as long as possible. You’ve had a positive reaction, and your friends and colleagues are impressed! Even though you accept your design won’t last for ever, you want some tips on how to make temporary tattoos last longer.

Most temporary tattoos will last for up to a week, and ours are completely waterproof – you don’t have to worry that they will wash off in the shower. But if you follow some simple tips, you can get the maximum distance from your tattoo.

  1. The first step you can take – and arguably the most important – comes before you even apply your tattoo. That is to make sure the area where you are going to apply it is as clean and dry as possible.
    Remove any hair, and clean the area thoroughly with some cotton wool dipped in alcohol, which will remove any dirt, oil or left-over make-up. By doing this, you ensure there won’t be any barrier between the tattoo and your skin, and your design will stick as well as it possibly can.
  2. After you’ve applied your tattoo, you can apply a sealer, which adds a layer of protection. Yes, we sell this; our Matt Sealer is available through our shop. It’s very popular with make-up artists and, as well as sealing your tattoo, it gives it a finish that makes it look more realistic.
  3. So your tattoo is applied and sealed – now keep it clean and dry as much as you can. When people ask us how to make temporary tattoos last longer, we tell them to show the area in question a little TLC while they’re wearing it. You can wash the area – as we said, our tattoos are waterproof – but if you work out and sweat profusely, that might shorten the life of your tattoo.
  4. The final tip is to have as little friction on the area where you’ve placed your tattoo. Don’t rub it with your fingers, and try to keep bits of clothing like belts and bra straps clear of it. If you apply your tattoo to an area of your body that’s very flexible, like an elbow or an ankle, it’ll last less long than a more static part such as your upper arm or thigh.

As well as our Matt Sealer, we also suggest our amazing HD Mattifying Gel when we’re asked how to make temporary tattoos last longer. This will take off any excess shine. You’ll get a free sachet with every order from Tattooed Now! – just make sure the area in question is fully dry before applying it.

The Mattifying Gel is ideal if you are planning to wear a tattoo for just one night, but the Matt Sealer is the better option if you want it to last several days.

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