Best Temporary Tattoos for Men in 2023

Best Temporary Tattoos for Men in 2023

We’re in the third decade of the 21st Century. The idea that there are temporary tattoos for men and – in a completely separate category – temporary tattoos for women belongs to a different millennium. 

Even if we did cling to such an outmoded concept, the experience of dealing with our many clients across the world would quickly teach us that there is no clear division between men’s temporary tattoos and women’s.

To put it simply, there are no rules. People tend not to come to us to seek out the best temporary tattoos for men – they simply want to take advantage of the top-quality creativity and craftsmanship that goes into every TattooedNow! design.

A tattoo that one man likes may not be to the taste of another – but a woman will come along a few minutes later and decide that it really suits her. There are no boundaries or rules when it comes to temporary tattoos for men and women.

Choosing the Best Temporary Tattoos for Men

When you browse through the enormous range of categories and collections in our shop, you will see what a wide variety of designs we provide. Our tattoos are ideal for a multitude of purposes; you may be going to a fancy dress party, or a cosplay event, or simply want to try a tattoo for the first time for a bit of fun.

You will see that we do not divide any of our categories between the sexes. There are no “temporary tattoos for men” or “temporary tattoos for women” pages. 

Traditionally, there are certain ranges towards which you might expect members of the male sex to gravitate. These include the Russian prison set, the designs worn by male members of the cast of Vikings, and animals such as the lion, tiger or wolf tattoos.

Similarly, you might expect women to be drawn to flowers – we have a host of tattoos that feature roses, lilies and peonies.

But – and this is the crucial point – we cater for women who want a tiger design, while there are plenty of female options in the Vikings range. At the same time, many of our male customers request a design based around a flower. 

In this age of diversity and inclusion, TattooedNow! would never turn down such a request – just as we will never try to dictate to you which are the best temporary tattoos for men. 

Talk to us to Find the Best Temporary Tattoos for men

As you will see from the range of intricate and striking tattoos in our range of designs, our highly experienced team can create an extraordinary variety of temporary tattoos for men and women. 

It bears repeating that there are no rules. If you see a design you like – just go for it. We’re not going to tell anybody that they are disqualified from using a particular tattoo because of their sex!

If you want further advice about temporary tattoos, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help you to make the choice of a design that’s exactly right for you.

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