The Best Temporary Tattoos for Women

The Best Temporary Tattoos for Women

Women have been wearing tattoos for thousands of years. It was common in ancient Egypt, and it’s believed Viking women were tattooed like their menfolk. In 19th-century England it was so popular that the women who got ink done included Winston Churchill’s mum and even, it was rumoured, Queen Victoria!

Now here we are in the modern world and it’s now seen as perfectly acceptable for women to wear tattoos. And there are plenty of temporary tattoos for women among our extensive collections at TattooedNow!

However… it would be inaccurate to say we have specific lists of women’s temporary tattoos. That’s because of the simple reason that when it comes to tattoos, there are no barriers and no rules. 

A design that one woman likes may not suit another woman at all – but the next man along might really like it. We’re not here to impose rules or tell anybody there are designs that they couldn’t or shouldn’t wear. 

Choosing Temporary Tattoos for Women

Whatever the reason for your temporary tattoo, we have a huge selection that should contain a design, or set of designs, that work for you. If you are on your way to a fancy dress party, or a special work event, or are just curious to see what a tattoo will look like on you, we’ve got an option that fits you. 

And the number of temporary tattoos for women that our customers choose spans virtually all the collections in our range. 

Traditionally, there are certain types of tattoos that our female customers might be expected to favour. They include flowers – we have plenty of lilies, roses, peonies and more. Some of our heart designs are always popular, as are Zodiac symbols and birds.

But we have plenty of male patrons who like those ranges too. And many women want to explore our designs showing tigers, dragons and tribal symbols

We can’t emphasise too strongly that all creations are available to both sexes. We make temporary tattoos for women and men – and we make no rules at all about how they are divided between the sexes. Because there are no divisions, and no rules. 

Check out our range from the hit TV series Vikings, for instance. You’ll see plenty of tattoos being worn by both men and women – but there is nothing to stop you choosing any temporary design you like.

We can Help you Choose Women’s Temporary Tattoos

We live in an age where there is, quite rightly, a strong focus on diversity and inclusion. Which is why we’re happy to say we create temporary tattoos for women and men, with no barriers or rules to say who can or can’t wear them. 

All of our temporary tattoos are created by our experienced team of designers. If you want to know more about the work we do, or are seeking some advice about a particular design, please get in touch

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