What is the Meaning of a Lotus Tattoo?

What is the Meaning of a Lotus Tattoo?

Flowers make up one of our largest collections at Tattooed Now! A flower is an extremely popular choice among people who have decided to get a temporary tattoo – and we are only too happy to help out.

There are many reasons why people ask for flower tattoos. Obviously, flowers are beautiful in their own right, but they also symbolise growth – and they can be highly spiritually significant.

Many women are named after flowers. Think about your family or friendship group; you may have a best pal, or a mother, sister, daughter or cousin whose name is Lily, Rose, Daisy, Iris, Poppy – or any of the many other flower names that are given to girls.

One flower in particular features in several of our tattoos and is always popular with people looking for a temporary design of this kind, and that’s the lotus.

What Gives a Lotus Tattoo Meaning?

Check out our collection of flower tattoos and you’ll find several that feature the lotus. Not only is this a gorgeous flower, it also has great spiritual meaning for people in many parts of the world.

Of course, every person who comes to us looking for a temporary tattoo will have their own reasons for choosing a particular design, but the lotus definitely comes with plenty of traditional associations.

It’s a flower of Asia, a flower that commands great affection and respect in nations such as China, India and Sri Lanka. The lotus is inextricably woven into the imagery of Eastern mysticism – and as a result, it is loved and venerated by people across the world.

Many people believe the lotus represents a desire to become a better person, to move forward on a spiritual journey that enables you to rise above temptation. In Hinduism, lotus flowers are known as “Padma” and they symbolise purity, beauty and spiritual advancement.

Buddhists attach strong significance to the lotus too – it can be used to represent Buddha himself, and symbolises the path to enlightenment.

One Hindu deity particularly associated with the lotus is Ganesha. Check out our selection of lotus tattoos and you will find several that also feature Ganesha, who is known to devotees as the remover of obstacles.

How to Order Your Own Meaningful Lotus Tattoo

You may have many reasons for deciding on a flower design in general, or a lotus tattoo in particular, when you visit the shop at Tattooed Now!

You may, alternatively, have a design that you would like us to bring to life for you. We are always happy to discuss customised tattoos – our motto is: If you can think it, we can ink it.

Whatever your motivation, when you order a lotus tattoo from Tattooed Now! you are working with a team of designers with extensive experience. Our tattoos are also highly respected and sought after in the TV and film industry – check out the list of famous productions we have worked on!

Get in touch now to talk about your temporary tattoo requirements, and we are sure our relationship will quickly blossom.

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