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Professional Temporary Tattoos

TattooedNow! offers the finest realistic temporary tattoos both off the shelf or custom designed.

Daniel Parker on the set of Cloud Atlas applying makeup on Tom Hanks

As creator of TattooedNow, Daniel Parker  has been designing make-ups and prosthetics for film, fashion and advertising for over 30 years. 

Son of the great Hollywood make-up artist Charles Parker, Daniel was born into a world of make-up and design. At the age of 22 he designed his first movie, “Enemy Mine” directed by Wolfgang Peterson, and with this his first temporary tattoos. He soon earned the reputation for producing quality work with the greatest attention to detail. This has now extended into TattooedNow!


Charles Parker with John Huston on the set of Moby Dick


Robert De Niro as Frankenstein for which Daniel Parker was nominated for an Oscar for best make-up

While Daniel was working in Serbia on Ralph Fiennes’ film of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” in 2010 he found and trained two clever young artists, both graphic artists and one of which was already an established tattoo artist, to help produce hundreds of temporary tattoos for the film. They are now his partners in the company TattooedNow! Ltd and have gone on to make tattoos for films like “The Raven”, “Machine Gun Preacher”, “Cloud Atlas” and Kathryn Bigelow’s (“The Hurt Locker”) latest film “Zero Dark Thirty”.  


TattooedNow! is leading the field in Europe…with pride, with quality and unequaled service. 

What we offer…   

We offer the finest film/professional quality temporary tattoos both off the shelf or made to your specific design and requests. Yes we can make your design into a temporary tattoo from a simple sketch. Our artwork techniques have been developed and honed down to produce the finest quality and realistic tattoo transfers that look like they are imbedded into your skin, just like the real thing. We can make them look like new or even fresh tattoos or old and weathered. Our quality is guaranteed to be the best for all our products. We make and design all our tattoos in house and with pride