How Do We Do Tattoos On Movie Actors?

How Do We Do Tattoos On Movie Actors?

Next time you’re watching a blockbuster movie, or a hit TV series, and you spot one or more of the characters wearing a tattoo, there’s a good chance that it was made by TattooedNow!

That’s because many of the greatest make-up artists and movie stars in the world ask for us and use our services. Just check out the TV & Film section of our website for a sample of the many productions we’ve worked on.

Daniel Parker, our multiple award-winning co-founder, commands enormous respect in the industry for the make-up work he has delivered on a host of famous shows and movies. He plays a central role in the process through which we create these unforgettable designs.

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Getting Creative With Movie Stars and Directors

The first conversation will tend to be between us and the director, to rough out an idea of what tattoos will be needed. But that’s just the starting point before the discussions with the actor concerned. 

This process is helping them to flesh out a character they are playing – and the designs we come up with are going to play a big part in that. 

The actor is going to put themselves in the skin of the character concerned, so they need to be fully involved in the process by which the temporary tattoos are created. Because tattoos are an immensely powerful tool to help transport them, and the audience, to the imaginary world of a movie. 

Although we don’t always apply the actual temporary tattoos – that is usually the work of the make-up artist working on the film – TattooedNow! is key to the creative process through which the body art is delivered that both the actor and director will be happy with. 

Stars We’ve Worked With

There are several extremely famous names who have benefited from the creative input of TattooedNow!

Salma Hayek: We created an extraordinary tattoo for her role in the film Everly. This design covered her whole back and reflects the story of the movie, and her character in it. It featured her with a dragon that was defending her from the devil, and in one hand she held a fan – symbolising peace and tranquillity – and in the other a samurai sword. It was a large and intricate tattoo, and Salma was an absolute delight to work with.

salma haylek movie tattoo

Tom Hanks: We created several small tattoos for Tom and you will be reassured to hear the rumours are true – he really is one of the nicest people in the world, as well as a great actor. 

Bill Skarsgard: He plays the lead role in the new version of The Crow, due to be released in 2023, and we worked closely with him on the design of his character’s tattoos. 

Here at TattooedNow! we’re proud of the work we’ve done with so many big-name stars and directors over the years. It’s great that they call us so regularly to help – and we look forward to working on many more leading productions in the years ahead.
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