When you want to make a statement or send a personal message, our temporary tattoo letters are the perfect way to do it.

Choose which style of letter tattoos you feel will suit your personal style, then use them to come up with words that inspire you or show your love for someone.

Each lettering tattoo sheet comes with numbers so you can incorporate a date into your design. The only limit is the extent of your imagination…

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How easy are your temporary tattoo letters to apply?

Quite incredibly simple. The first thing you do is cut out the letters you want from the sheet we send you. Then apply one to your skin using water. If you should need more detailed instructions, click here.

How long do your tattoos last?

That depends, but it should be between two and seven days. Things like your skin type and the amount you sweat will make a difference. So will the place on your body where you decide to put the tattoo. If you put it somewhere with little friction, that will make your design last longer.

Are your tattoos safe?

Yes, absolutely. But we do recommend you don’t apply them to sensitive or broken skin, or put them too close to your eyes and mouth. If you find there’s tingling or redness after you apply the tattoo, please remove it.

Where on the body should I put my temporary tattoos letters?

Really, anywhere you want. It really depends how visible you want the lettering to be. You may want the whole world to see them; alternatively, you may want to keep them in a more secluded place where only those close to you will be able to see it.

Do you ship tattoos to the country where I live?

Yes. Our tattoos can be distributed anywhere in the world.

Can I exercise and take showers?

You can, but a lot depends on the sort of exercise you want to do. If you raise your body temperature a lot and sweat heavily, the letters may wear off faster. But they are water-proof, so you can take showers.

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