New and exclusive to TattooedNow!, our Vikings TV Show tattoo collection gives you the chance to emulate your favorite characters from the iconic History Channel TV show.

Who would you like to be? Legendary hero Ragnar tattoos, dauntless shield-maiden Astrid tattoos, or cunning Ivar the Boneless tattoos?

We are sole distributors of this unique collection of stunning, spectacular designs that can be applied to all parts of the body.

All of the original designs were created by the make-up designer for Vikings, the very gifted Tom McInerney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone buy these tattoos?

Yes, anyone over the age of 18. Sorry if you’re a fan of the show and you’re not that old yet – you’ll just have to wait!

How easy are they to apply?

Very easy indeed. All you need to do is cut out your design from the sheet we send you and apply it to your skin using water. If you want more detailed instructions, click here.

How long do your tattoos last?

Anywhere between two and seven days. It depends on your skin type, how much you sweat and where on your body you put the tattoo. If it’s in a place where there’s not much rubbing or friction, it will last longer.

Who came up with the designs?

The original designs were created by the make-up designer for Vikings, the very gifted Tom McInerney.

Are your tattoos safe?

Yes, perfectly safe. But we do recommend that you don’t apply them to sensitive or broken skin, or too close to your eyes and mouth. If you get any tingling or redness after applying the tattoo, please remove it.

Where on the body should I put my tattoos?

Anywhere you like. You’ll know that a lot of the characters in Vikings wear tattoos on their face and skull. If you like one of those designs but don't fancy shaving your head, just apply it somewhere else.

Do you ship tattoos to the country where I live?

Yes, we distribute worldwide.

Can I exercise and take showers?

It really depends on what exercise you do. Our tattoos will generally hold well but if you sweat a lot or raise your body temperature they may wear off faster. They are water-proof though, so you can take showers.

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