TattooedNow! ON SET Skin illustrator palette

Temporary Tattoo

10 carefully selected colours from Hollywood Make-up Artist Daniel Parker.
Skin Illustrator, the best in Temporary Tattoo colours on the market today.

Created by professionals in the film and television industry.

You can use Skin illustrator to create a complete temporary tattoo or for general repairs to one of our transfers that might have been worn for several days and showing a wear in places. Skin Illustrator is a durable, alcohol based, make-up that is water and abrasion resistant. The dry palette colours are activated by mixing with a small amount of alcohol and can be used directly on the skin as well as being used in conjunction with your favorite PAX, Rubber Mask Grease, Cream or Liquid make-ups. Skin Illustrator can also be used on foam latex, silicon and gelatin prosthetics with the use of a sponge, brush, stipple as well as being airbrushed.

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